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Paraguayan Women Network in USA


Working together for a better future!

Sobre Nosotras


The aim of the Network of Paraguayan Women in the USA, Study Center, is to analyze and disclose, with independent, liberal and critical criteria, the ideological, political, social, cultural and economic issues that are of interest to Paraguayan Migrant Women, as well as to study, discuss and design public policies related to Paraguayan Migration, in order to help in the consolidation and development of a free and democratic Paraguayan society. In this way, its action is aimed at promoting the institutions that support and allow the existence of a constitutional and democratic order in the same society. In carrying out its purpose, the Network will be linked with other specialized organizations, universities and other public and private, national and international institutions; It will carry out and promote research and analysis of the issues that constitute its objective, and its dissemination will be specified through publications, seminars, research and studies.

The Network of Paraguayan Women in the USA was founded on October 25, 2018 in the city of Miami - Florida. The Board of Directors is made up of ten women to follow:

Margarita Sanchez

Daisy Sanabria

Olinda Piñanez

Gladys Benitez

Ana Romero

Maria Lourdes Caceres

Nancy Ojeda

Clinnia Saffi

Nathalia Lesme

Flavia Corrales.


With its name in Spanish, the Network of Paraguayan Women in the United States of America is a
Organization in Defense of Human Rights established by The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR ) is a declarative document adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in its Resolution 217 A (III), on December 10, 1948 in Paris; This includes in its 30 articles the human rights considered basic, from the letter of San Francisco (June 26, 1945).

* As an Organism the NETWORK OF PARAGUAYAN WOMEN IN USA adheres to the Universal Declaration of Emerging Human Rights (DUDHE) seeking participation as a civil society, from the Paraguayan Migration.

DUDHE is updated giving voice to national and international organizations and groups that traditionally have had little or no weight in the configuration of legal norms, such as NGOs, social movements and cities, facing the social, political and technological challenges it poses. globalization and global society and act as a complement from the point of view of participatory citizenship.

《We, citizens of the world, members of civil society committed to human rights, forming part of the universal political community, gathered on the occasion of the Universal Forum of Cultures in Barcelona 2004 and Monterrey 2007, and inspired by the values ​​of respect for the dignity of the human being, freedom, justice, equality and solidarity, and the right to an existence that allows the development of uniform standards of well-being and quality of life for all [...]》

Preamble to the Universal Declaration of Emerging Human Rights.

Our Goals


1- Form an organization of Paraguayan women in the United States, with one or more representatives per State to facilitate contact between local organizations.

2- Establish a communication system to keep us informed of the development of the work carried out by Paraguayan Migration Organizations in the World.

3- Link our Women's Network with Organizations to combat gender discrimination, Domestic Violence, trafficking in Women and the search for Social Equity.

4- Support for our Traditions and Culture by strengthening our Identity.

5- Strengthen the creation of women's Associations in each locality to expand our communication network.

6- Through local organizations, achieve a statistic of the total number of Paraguayan migrant women in the United States.

7- From the representation of Migrant Women, seek inclusive policies to obtain support from the authorities of our country in relation to cases of repatriation, tax exemption, search for support in the reintegration into the labor field of small or large investment to fellow citizens returnees.

8- Emphasize the search of the Inscriptions to the National Register and the Vote by Internet.

9- This organization is a non-partisan Network and not affiliated with any political or religious organization, ensuring broad and pluralistic integration.

10- Its universality character ensures mutual respect and non-discrimination for political or religious thought.

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